Monday, January 24, 2011

Bolter Beach II

Here's some thoughts coming out of Bolter Beach II. This was my first big event, and I had a great time. I finished 3rd with this army:
Khan with Moondraken, Command Squad on Bikes with Lightning Claws and Flame Throwers
Vulkan with 5 Thunderhammer Terminators in a Redeemer with Multi-Melta
2 Bike Squads with 5 guys each, 2 meltaguns each, power weapon on the sergeant, attack bike with multi melta
3 squads of 2 landspeeders each, all with multi-melta and heavy flamer.

This army was born out of a smoldering, dark hatred for tactical marines and rhino transports. The premise is to use superior mobility to counter deploy to the opponent if I have the 2nd turn, or to get right into their face if I have the 1st, control the objectives, marginalize my opponents units by simply bypassing them, and avoid getting blown apart by heavy weapons. It doesnt handle thunderwolves all that well, which turned out to be a major oversight, since at Bolter Beach there were alot... and I mean ALOT... of Thunderstar armies. Almost 1/3 of the field. Both 1st and 2nd place went to players making extensive use of this amazingly good unit. It might be getting to the point where spamming plasmaguns makes more sense than spamming meltaguns, since at close range massed plasmaguns handle both thunderwolves and light armor pretty well, whereas meltaguns only handle the light armor.

Anyway there were some hicoughs in the organization of the event due to a lower-than-expected turn out, but I think the event was handled fairly, with good order, and a minimum of drama. Thanks to Yurithedevil and Darkside Comics for providing a weekend's worth of entertainment. Now, to begin planning for the next event....

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