Friday, January 4, 2013

Night Lords Terminators

Moar Terminators!
A while back I put up some pictures of a prototype VIII legion terminator. It took a while to get to the rest of the squad, but here they are! They're up for sale on eBay. You can see the listing by following this link: eBay Listing

If there's one thing a night lords terminator needs, besides a winged skull proudly identifying him as a member of the VIII legion..... it's terror bits! Heads, hands, pinkie toes, everything! Extra spikey bits can't hurt either, I suppose. Again, I've done some kit bashing with a vampire counts kit, and the chosen mounted warriors of chaos kit too. The last box in particular is a treasure-house of alternative weapons, helmets, and spikey bits for anyone modelling chaos space marines. I'm going for an undead theme with this army. Eventually I'll have skeleton cultists, corpse-cart rhinos, and possibly some vargheist spawn... I've also been eyeing the zombie dragon as an alternative hell drake...

The stones are just painted on with black and two shades of grey..

The winged-skulls are tomb kings skulls with the wings from grave-guard helms glued on to the sides. 

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