Sunday, February 17, 2013

Magnum Opus 6: A Death Wing Army!

The 1st Company of the 1st Legion Astartes assembles to annihilate the foes of mankind, and wipe the galaxy clean of their legion's secret shame! Depending on the options taken this is between 2250 and 2500 points of terminator-armored death-incarnate, ready to wreak terrible vengeance on xenos and traitors alike!

The command squad, consisting of Belial, a librarian, a chaplain, and 5 death wing terminators. They can deploy using Belial's precision-strike rule, or ride in the Crusader as the tactical situation dictates. 

Heroes of the Death Wing

A watcher in the dark accompanies the 1st company's command element into battle, bearing a mysterious relic of the unforgiven.

The army includes two squads of dark vengeance death wing terminators. 

Detail shots of Death Wing heroes, including a converted Belial model.

Detail shots of Death Wing sergeants.

Special members of the Command Squad. 

The Dark Angels have a number of banners to choose from, but perhaps the most appropriate for this army is the Standard of Fortitude, which grants every terminator close to the standard bearer feel no pain. 

The army has been outfitted with a variety of heavy weapons. 

A few of the sturdy terminator-armored warriors who make up the rank-and-file of any Death Wing force. 

No terminator army is complete without a Land Raider... 

The complete army list:

Belial with Sword of Silence and Storm Bolter
Chaplain in Terminator Armor
Librarian in Terminator Armor
Command Squad (Champion with Halberd of Caliban, Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Pair of Lightning Claws, Heavy Flamer)
Death Wing Squad (Sergeant with Hammer and Shield, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Chain Fist, Power Fist x2)
Death Wing Squad (Sergeant with Power Weapon and Storm Bolter, Plasma Cannon, Chain Fist, Power Fist x2)
Death Wing Squad x2 (Dark Vengeance ... Sergeant with Power Weapon and Storm Bolter, Assault Cannon, Chain Fist, Power Fist x2)
Death Wing Dreadnought with Lascannon and Power Fist
Death Wing Dreadnought with Plasmacannon and Power Fist
Death Wing Land Raider Crusader

The exact points total depends on what kind of banner the standard bearer is given, and the options chosen for the Librarian and Terminator, but all together it totals between 2250 and 2500 points. If you're interested in purchasing this army, or any part of it, please let me know. The models are for sale individually and in groups. Weapon options can be changed to customer's specifications. More pictures available on request. You can see the eBay listing here


  1. Those are just awesome dude!! Insipiring. Just when I was about to trade my DV DA for the choas bits, now you've thiking ;)

  2. man im really excited to try this bulid