Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Preheresy World Eaters Librarian

Every once in a while I get to do a project for myself... This is the latest addition to my preheresy World Eaters force, a true labor of love. I was really inspired by Big Red's Death Guard Army, featured on Bols a year or so ago. I really admired the way his collection told the story of the legion through models, and wanted to do something similar without copying him. What could be more appropriate then a 30k World Eaters army? 

I'm going to give this army a somewhat less savage treatment than one normally sees. To me, chaos space marines are like fallen angels... and in order to fall, you have to start out in a high place. So, to play up the contrast between what they were and what they would become, I didn't want to make them too brutal. They're butchers, to be sure, but they're organized, loyal, and they even have a kind of rude nobility about them. That's my vision for the army, anyhow. 

I wanted the librarian to be particularly sinister... Even during the short period that the World Eaters had librarians, I don't suppose they fit in very well with the rest of the legion. They would have been outcasts in an outcast legion, and their presence must have been deeply unsettling to their more strait-forward brethren. Probably they all breathed a deep sigh of relief once the librarians were dead. While they lived, though, I suppose they would have had particularly gory and evil powers, probably some kind of crazy blood-magic, like blood angels librarians.... but messier. Far, far messier!


  1. Nicely done again man. That is a really nicely painted model. And the pose is really cool. Another that i'll have to borrow/steal hehe.

  2. Only the Emperors Children were allowed to wear the Aquila pre-heresy. Your failure to acknowledge this minuscule piece of obscure fluff is unacceptable. You, sir, are a failure.

  3. An eagle head is not an aquila. Only the double headed eagle, the emperor's personal seal, is an aquila. My honor, and that of the XII legion astartes, stand vindicated!