Friday, March 8, 2013

The Teeth of Khorne, World Eaters Havocs

It's been a while since I added any pics of my post heresy World Eaters army, which I started the blog with, and has been at the (dark) heart of my hobbying activities for three or four years now. So I'm proud to show a completed heavy weapons section for my army, the Teeth of Khorne!

It's no accident that missile launcher guys are about half of my havocs. For game purposes, they're really the only ones that I care about or would ever play on a consistent basis. The other sixteen guys I built as an art project more than anything else. I just wanted berserkers with lascannons and heavy bolters, and didn't give it much thought beyond that. Here's some more detailed shots.

Missile launchers are obviously in short supply these days, seeing as there is no GW kit that includes more than one, and they're by far the most commonly-used heavy weapon for competitive play (and for good reason!) Hunter-Killer missiles are somewhat easier to come by, however, so, after I had used every last missile launcher in my bits box, I converted some HKs to suit my purposes... I think the result reflects the depleted logistical situation of most chaos space marine warbands. They don't have huge operations behind them keeping them well-supplied. They're scavengers, and they have to fight with whatever weapons and armor they can get their hands on. So it makes sense that they would have a variety of different missile launchers, even in the same squad. I also painted the casing on the missile launchers different colors to help differentiate the squads and avoid confusion on the table top.

Ofcourse, no true son of Angron would think of going into battle without a trusty close combat weapon, so I made it a point to give all of my missile launcher guys some kind of sword, axe, or knife. Only thus can the honor of the XII Legion Astartes be upheld!

And the rest...

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  1. Wonderful stuff! When I had my WE, I had one squad of Teeth with heavy bolters, but they didn't look nearly this good!