Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Word Bearers Land Raider: Diabolus Rex!

Rest not in destruction. Know ye not that the Sword of Hatred has no scabbard? Be thou, then, the ever-drawn sword of the Gods, that thou mayst never weary in shedding the blood of the righteous. Let those who oppose the Gods look upon thy countenance and tremble. May the Gods grant them a moment of faith, a gruesome death, and an eternity of torment... in their mercy. Thus spoke our primarch on the 666th day of his ascension. Thus I speak now unto thee. Thus let it ever be, forever and ever, Amen. - From the Epistles of Marduk. 

It's about 95% done. The only thing left is to crucify a marine on the chaos star, and to build a base and the magnets that will let the preacher detach. I'd also like to put up an apocalypse sheet for this thing, at some point, since this seems like the kind of project they were designed for. If anyone's wondering about the Pentagram, I was talking this project over with the customer, and we agreed that the Word Bearers were pretty much satanists. So, it only seemed natural....


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  2. is a masterpiece... so i can tell you:
    1) the pentagram is wrong. is not the currect design of "under/over" line.
    2) the twin linked requiem over the land raider is not glued properly, have the gap between the two part
    3) and not have the barell drilled. it's like a cork-gun.

    i hope it's can be a way to do better ^_^ bye.

    1. Those are all excellent points. Maybe you can post some of your work? I'm sure I could learn a lot from you. :)

  3. this is truly amazing. as a chaos player myself, I say that you have fully captured the air and majesty of what a word bearers war pulpit would look like. very well done. love the quote at the top as well.

  4. I just found this, great job. Shared it over on the Tyrants Due FB. Well Done.