Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Word Bearers Test Model

As I was painting the Land Raider pictured earlier, the Gods spoke unto me, and my soul was bedarkened by their Foul and Radiant Glory. I was seized with a conviction, with a certainty, with a purpose! I knew that it was my destiny to fashion unto Them an army of the XVII Legiones Astartes, that the galaxy may know the truth of the Word they bear! Proving the Infernal Providence which they wield over the destinies of all mortals, I was contacted shortly thereafter with a request to paint a Word Bearers army for a customer! I seized the opportunity, and began to fashion models for my own collection as well, that I might paint my own army side by side with my customer's, and in this way aspire to a two-fold damnation! Proving again the magnitude of their dark and baleful blessings, a spirit whispered unto me that the Land Raider I featured earlier would return to me, and lo! I am trading models that I shall paint for models that have been painted! O, who can deny their infernal munificence? Who can look upon their works, and not praise them for the misery and suffering they bestow upon us... in their mercy? Are there any so hard-hearted, so stiff-necked, so obstinant, that they will not accept gladly the eternity of suffering which they have laid up for us? O let us praise them, my brothers, that we may become perfect in our hatred. Come, let us praise them... 

I think I'm just happy to be painting chaos models again. Much less models for my own collection, which frankly doesn't happen much these days. Glory unto Them.


  1. That Word Bearer looks superb! It is pushing me to restart my own stalled Word Bearers army. :) Have added you to my blog list / roll as I love your work.

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate it. May the gods bless the work of thy hands, that they may strike terror into the hearts of the righteous!